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The General, 1962

The following is a trascription of the Train Orders regarding movement of The General:


Atlanta, Georgia
April 9, 1962

Messrs: V. W. Ayers (6)
N. R. McDowell (2)
J. J. McKabb (3)
M. B. Lewis (5)
C. W. Turner (2)
W. E. Gilstrap (10)
W. H. Waldrop (3)
Roy Morphew (3)

Locomotive “General” and Coach 665 will be operated under own power from Atlanta to Chattanooga as follows:

April 12 – Lv. Atlanta 10:00 AM
Ar. Kennesaw 11:45 AM

Arrange for crew to go on duty at Union Station, Atlanta 9:00 AM, April 12th. Train will stop at Sessions St. Crossing, Elizabeth, for water. Water will also be furnished at Kennesaw. Short trips will be made from Kennesaw to a road crossing adjacent to Pole 28-20 handling passengers to and from Kennesaw Mt. National Park. These trips are to be made under the supervision and direction of Assistant Trainmaster Gilstrap. On Arrival at Kennesaw at 11:45 AM the train will head in to the House Track at that point, stopping with the engine in the clear of the crossing north of the depot, with coach stopped at depot.

April 13 - Lv. Kennesaw 10:00 AM
Ar. Acworth 10:20 AM
Lv. Acworth 2:00 PM
Ar. Emorson 2:25 PM
Lv. Emorson 3:00 PM
Ar. Cartersville 3:15 PM

Engine will be watered at Acworth. Train will be on display at Ackworth, Emerson and Cartersville, remaining on display until 9:00 PM. Train will head in House Track Acworth, stopping with engine south end of depot; head in passing track Emerson and back coach onto the House Track in clear of passing Track; and head in passing track at Cartersville and spot train on Iron Track with engine just in clear of first crossing north of depot.

April 14 - Lv. Cartersville 8:00 AM
Ar. Kingston 8:45 AM
Lv. Kingston 11:00 AM
Ar. Adairsville 11:30 AM
Lv. Adairsville 2:30 PM
Ar. Calhoun 3:15 PM

Engine is to be watered before leaving Cartersville in time to depart on schedule. Train will be on display Kingston, Adairsville and Calhoun, remaining on display until 9:00 PM. train will head in the passing track and spot train on the Old Rome Branch Track with the coach standing over the crossing at the south end of the depot. We have permission to block this crossing with the coach. Train will head in at the house track at Adairsville stopping with the rear of engine tender at the south-end of depot platform. Water will be furnished the engine at Adairsville. Train will head in house track at Calhoun and stop with the engine immediately in the clear of the crossing south of
depot. Engine will be fueled and watered at Calhoun before departure April 15th.

April 15 - Lv. Calhoun 9:00 AM
Ar. Resaca 9:20 AM
Lv. Resaca 10:30 AM
Ar. Dalton 11:30 AM

Train will be on display at Resaca and Dalton, remaining on display until 9:00 PM. Train will head in passing track at Resaca, stop with the south end of the coach spotted opposite the station building. Train will back in the Hotel Track at Dalton, spotting the train on extreme south end of track. Engine will be watered at Dalton before leaning morning of April 16th.

April 16 - Lv. Dalton 9:00 AM
Ar. Tunnel Hill 10:00 AM
Lv. Tunnel Hill 10:30 AM
Ar. Ringgold 11:00 AM

Train will be on display at Tunnel Hill and Ringgold remaining on display until 9:00 PM. Train will back in the house Track stopping in clear of the crossing north of the Feed Mill at Tunnel Hill. Train will head in the passing track at Ringgold, spotting south end of coach at the driveway at the south end of depot. Engine is to be watered at Ringgold before departure morning April 17th.

April 17 - Lv. Ringgold 9:00 AM
Ar. Graysville 9:30 AM
Lv. Graysville 11:00 AM
Ar. Chattanooga Noon

Train will be on display at Graysville and will tie up on arrival at Chattanooga. The crew will be relieved at Chattanooga and deadhead home. Train will head in passing track at Graysville, spotting coach just north of building at Pole 120-10.

Assistant Tranmaster W. E. Gilstrap will be in charge of the train isofar as operations are concerned and the crew will be instructed by Mr. Gilstrap, as to time to go on and off duty each day. Division Engineer H. B. Lewis and General Foreman J. J. McKabb will arrange for watering, fueling, cleaning, providing paper drinking cups and suitable drinking water daily. Mr. Lewis will arrange for stanchions and rope used in connection with handling visitors entering and leaving coach at points of display.

I have previously written those of you concerned with reference to the handling of locomotive “General” and Coach 665 moving from Louisville to Atlanta and from Chattanooga to Atlanta in connection with the above trip. Messrs. Waldrop and Morphew will arrange police protection during the entire time this train is on the Division.

T. J. Hale

Cy: Messrs: F. W. Kirchner
S. P. Strickland
N. Hurt
C. A. Love
E. H. Civils
C. J. Black
B. W. Page
M. Kinzel
M. J. Eckhoff
J. N. Neal
F. L. Ray----Please notify Assistant Trainmaster Gilstrap and the crew of this train prior to arrival Chattanooga, April 17th, the track the train is to enter on arrival at that point.

All Agents – W&A - Dispatchers,Dalton - Agents will see that tracks to be used in connection with this train are clear of cars prior to arrival of train.

Document submitted by Joe Bozeman


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