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People of the NC&StL Railway

The strength of the railway was in its people, and we feature information or personal glimpses
into a few of them.  If your ancestors worked for the NC&StL, we welcome information and
photos - send to  We'll be happy to add them to this growing list.

Personal Glimpses

*Seeking Information

Arnold, William "Ernest", Sr.
Arnold, William E., Jr.

Aylor, Joe

Ballentine, Samuel J

Bell, William Gilbert
Bell, James F

Bianconi, William L

Boon, Wesley B*

Brown, Joseph Lytton

Campbell, John W
Campbell, Lewis D

Chambliss, Mary

Coffer, John

Conger, James Robert
Conger, James
Conger, Junior
Conger, Leon

Cope, Matthew Nathaniel

Denman, H. L. (Len)

Gribble, Stokely Black

Hill, Calvin Dean

Hixon, Oscar*

Holland, Benjamin Franklin

Ingram, James F.

Jackson, Charles Leroy*

Jones, Yancy B. (Y.B.)


Lewis, Fred

Lowe, A.G.
Lowe, Jesse
Lowe, Jim
Lowe, William McKinley

McDaniel, Alan
McDaniel, Delbert
McDaniel, Luther
McDaniel, Mildred
McDaniel, Opal Mae

Martin, Henry Clay

Milam, Polly

Moore, James Coke*

Petty, Charles*

Priddy, Ollie Henry

Powers, Luther M.

Ritchey, Robert Edward
Ritchey, James

Robinson, Arthur J.

Rust, James F.

Scott, Earnest D.

Skelton, W. A.

Suggs, Joe B.
Suggs, Horace

*Seeking Information

Do you have any information regarding NCS&StL employees? Let us know.


  • Photo 1: McCall, Blankenship, Lancaster, Johnson, Hayes,

Genealogy & Research


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