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A Brief History of the NC&StL

The NC&StL (pronounce "Saint" with the initials) was chartered in Tennessee on December 11, 1845 and served the people of the south until it was absorbed by the Louisville and Nashville railroad in March 1957. The NC&StL's tracks reached from Paducah, Kentucky south to Atlanta, Georgia with a major branch from Bruceton, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee.

The Nashville, Chattanooga & Saint Louis Railway was originally known as the Nashville and Chattanooga, the "N&C" for short; or just plain "NC."

The history of the line is speckled with achievement, from surviving the Civil War to helping move freight and troops for the two World Wars. From innovations such as creating it's own streamlined train set including an engine for the City of Memphis, to being one of the first adopters of the roller-bearing 4-8-4 steam engine, the NC&StL was a forward-thinking organization.

Like any railroad, it suffered through it's own hard times. The wreck of July 9, 1918 at Dutchman Curve still stands as one of the worst wrecks in American railroad history.

The NC&StL adopted Diesel's as early as 1941, and maintained five named passenger trains, more than some larger lines.

The NC was one of the class acts of railroading, one which justifiably took pride in itself.


But a great railroad is more than rolling stock, engines, bridges, stations, yards, and other buildings. It is more than feats of engineering spanning rivers with bridges, and tunnelling through mountains.

It is people.



The NC&StL was a true family line, and it is the people who worked day in and day out, who deserve to be remembered


Time marches on, and the people who worked for the rail road are fading away. Buildings are gone, rolling stock and engines cut up for scrap, and each day, less of the road is left.

The NCPS was founded to stop this erosion.

The Society will do everything in its power to help preserve
not only the buildings, rolling stock, papers and motive power,
but also the memories of those who made sure
the trains got "To and From Dixieland."


NC&StL Preservation Society, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the NC&StL Railway or any of it's successors.
As a non-profit entity, NCPS presents these pages to the public purely for educational and historic interest.

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